Comparison of the Effectiveness of Narrative-focused and Solution-focused Questioning on Anxiety Reduction in People with Over Anxiety Disorder

Document Type : Original Article


Ph.D candidate of counseling, Department of Counseling, Faculty of Education and Psychology Mohaghegh Ardabili university, Ardabil, Iran


This study aimed to compare the effectiveness of narrative-focused and solution-focused questioning on anxiety reduction in people withover anxiety disorder. The statistical population of this study was all patients suffering over anxiety disorder who referred to Sepand Counseling Center in Ardabil or the people who referred to the center by other specialists in 2016-2017. The subjects were selected through the available method from the clinical population. Of these patients, 30 patients (15 in each group) were interviewed and the Beck Anxiety Inventory was distributed among them as a pretest. Then, the narrative-focused and solution-focused questioning counseling program was implemented for 8 sessions of 2 hours. After the sessions, the Beck Anxiety Inventory (RCA) was repeatedly administered as a post-test. Results: The data analysis using content analysis method showed that there is a significant difference between the content narrative-focused and solution-focused questioning in the over anxiety disorder. Also, the result of the covariance analysis indicated that the effectiveness of the narrative-focused method is significantly more than the solution-focused questioning. Conclusion: Therefore, it can be concluded that the questioning technique is effective regardless of the counseling method, which was used at the level of a common and general change factor.


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