Rereading the Concept of Human Being from the Viewpoint of Gilles Deleuze and Fritz Perls


PhD Candidate, Art and architect student, central azad University, Tehran, Iran. Email:


The aim of this research is to discuss the concept of human being as a subject beyond rationalism from Deleuze and Perls viewpoint and to define it in the psychological realm of empiricism, through reading a play based on empiricism with Gestalt therapy. The sampling format in this study is goal-oriented, gathering information by library and field study method. there is the way for cognition through the experience, which forms the knowledge of the subject, too. This attribute helps us to prioritize our emotion and accordingly our body, and this leads to a situation in which we maintain our attention on the immediate experience, by increasing recognition of mental events in the present moment and this is what existentialism asks these for and is the exact role of human required in Gestalt therapy. the result showed that the concept of man from the perspective of Gilles Deleuze, with regard to his definition for the position of subject who is in the process of becoming human-animal due to the subject being pushed back from centrality (subjectivism) and Perls' definition of the human position in Gestalt psychology as well as with explanation of the common points in Woyzeck can be studied because the emphasis of this work is on the concept of human.


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