The Effect of Positive Psychology on the Human Beings from the Viewpoint of Seligman.

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university of Mohaghegh


The purpose of this study was the effect of positive psychology and the being of human from the perspective of Martin Seligman. The research method is archive-based research. The sample of that include all of the human. The findings show that،Psychological phenomena such as happiness, optimism, hope, creativity and self-esteem are the result of positive experiences of the mind. Happiness and inner satisfaction are not the mainstream of psychology in the positive sense. All the clinical efforts of positive psychology focus on increasing psychological well-being and happiness. The result states: People, families, and communities need happy people to flourish.sustainable satisfaction of humans, that is, happiness, good mental state, positive emotions and a series of emotions (especially positive emotions), attitudes (life satisfaction), beliefs (such as the belief that everything is going well) and other mental states. In fact, positive psychology is a scientific study of positive emotions, positive personality traits, and the structures that make this growth. Positive approach claims the positive emotions, abilities and meaning in life.